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When water begins flowing into your Tustin home from a burst pipe, broken water heater, blocked drain or overflowing toilet – and you need a plumber now; call us at (949) 371-8413. We have a highly skilled and experienced emergency plumber ready to assist you with any unfortunate plumbing situation, 24 hours a day.

Most plumbing companies in the area have stopped answering their phones after 5pm, leaving homeowners in a lurch when a problem happens in the middle of the night. We are one of the few that will pick up the phone after hours and give you the same quality service that you can expect during the day. Contact us today for immediate 24/7 assistance.

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Tustin Plumbing People always postpone hiring a contractor because they are worried about the cost. It takes years for a plumber to get his or her license, and that type of experience and skill shouldn’t be taken lightly. Call us the very first moment you suspect that something is wrong with the pipes. Because this saves us time, money, and effort, too, we are able to reduce our service rates to a level that is comfortable to you as well as to us. Here at OC Plumbing Pros, we pride ourselves for giving only the best service to our clients in a manner that does not hurt their pockets. It’s best to hire a qualified contractor if any of your pipes are acting up. Contact us if you do not know what to do with a plumbing leak in your home. Call us 24/7 at (949) 371-8413.

Easy Water Heater Installation and Repairs: We understand how you will feel when your water heater fails at some point. If it is fairly new, perhaps, it needs just a little tweak here and there to get it up and running again. Your water heater malfunctioning does not necessarily mean your unit has reached the end of its life. So, while you may want to entertain the idea of getting a new heater, call us first, and let us see if it is still practical to repair your unit or ditch it for a new one. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to call our experts to see if you need to buy a replacement or not.

Maintaining Your Drains to Avoid Bigger Repairs: Particulates and fibers that have accumulated over the years can clog your drain. It looks bad as it is, and terribly unhealthy. Our wire cameras can follow through the drain and find out exactly where the problem is. We do advice that you call us to check your drain before any such problem occurs.

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We are the the trusted name in Orange County area plumbing services. We have extensive experience and training to fix it right the first time!

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Detecting and Repairing Water Leaks: If you cannot locate the leak yourself in your property, especially in the case of slab leaks, which are difficult to spot without the proper tools, have our qualified team over to check it out and repair it. We’ve had cases when homeowners came back from a vacation to find their house in wreck because of an unattended water leak. In less extreme cases, a leak can cause a sudden surge in your monthly bill. If you feel that you consumed the same amount of water, there’s a leaky pipe somewhere. Water leaks are more than an annoyance; they can seriously damage your floors, walls and ceilings, not to mention your furniture or appliances.

Hassle-Free Toilet Installations and Repairs: Have our plumbers over to see what the problem is and recommend for replacement, if necessary, especially in the case of broken toilets. Besides compromising comfort, it can also compromise your health, more so if the problem occurs in your home. One of the worst things that can happen in the home, workplace, or any establishment, for that matter, is when a toilet breaks down. Contact us immediately so we can get your toilet back up and running again.

24-Hour Emergency Services Only Here at OC Plumbing Pros: We have a hotline here that you can call anytime. As soon as you notice anything that is not quite right with your plumbing system, give us a call so we can respond at once. Plumbing issues can affect your daily activities, and, when not fixed right away, they can have unfortunate effects not just on your property, but on your health, too.

Call our team today and see why we are the best choice near you. We never tolerate mediocrity in everything we do, and especially in the way we deal with our clients. Our plumbing contractors go the extra mile in providing helpful advice regarding routine plumbing maintenance to ensure your system is at its most efficient state. Give us a call and let us talk more about plumbing repair and installation services at OC Plumbing Pros. Call us today at (949) 371-8413!

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We handle the following services and more, whenever you need us!:

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  • Water heaters
  • Leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Garbage disposals
  • Fixtures
  • Inspections
  • Maintenance

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